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Safe & fun ways to use essential oils at home.  Learn how the oils can help us with aches & pains, breathing, stress and anxiety.  Your questions will be addressed as we explore and talk about how the most popular oils can help you. 
Date: Tuesday 11th May  Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm
Most of us admit to not knowing who to relax properly. This session will explore different ways in which to really release stress and let go of the pressure and tenseness held in our bodies, helping us to ground our energies.
Date:  Tuesday 15th June 2021  Time: 11.00am – 12.00pm
Dr Bachs original flower remedies are a system of 38 flower remedies that can affect our emotions positively.  They are totally safe for everyone and can help with pain, anxiety, poor sleep, and low mood.  This has been evidenced over the past year, with so many of Cancer Lifeline clients tapping into them to help support them during the pandemic.  This session will identify how the different remedies can help your individual needs. 
Date: Tuesday 7th September 2021  Time: 11.00am – 12.00pM


The fact that you are browsing our website may mean that you or your loved one has had a cancer diagnosis.

At Cancer Lifeline, we don't pretend that it's easy to cope with the changes this brings to you and / or your family's life.

We hope the information on our website will inform you about the types of services we offer & more importantly about how to access them.

We encourage you to take that first and often difficult step to ask for help and support by getting in touch with us by your preferred method of contact.

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Dear Member

We understand this is an anxious time for everyone, especially cancer patients and their families. Due to Covid-19 we have suspended all one to one and group, face to face support services, in line with advice from the Public Health Agency. The building is currently closed to the public but staff are in, putting in place different ways to offer you support. We understand this may change as daily advice and instruction comes through.

About Us

At our "home from home" centre, Cancer Lifeline reaches out to you and your loved ones through a varied programme of support and information, targetted at the North Belfast Community.

A caring welcome, in a comfortable setting, where people can relax and talk through what is happening to them.  The organisation has been referred to as a "lifeline" by many of our members.