Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can family members get support from Cancer Lifeline or is it only for those who have been diagnosed with cancer?  YES: All of our services are open to family members or carers, as well as the person diagnosed with cancer.


  • Do I need to pay for the services on offer?  NO: All classes and treatments etc are free. The committee and staff and volunteers are continually involved in raising funds to ensure all services can be provided free of charge. We recognise that an illness can bring additional financial pressures to family life. People can make a voluntary donation, if they so wish.


  • Who can access the services?  North Belfast is the primary target catchment area.  Contact us if you feel you need help. If we cannot provide help we will try and direct you to another appropriate source of support.


  • Can I take part in the Complementary Therapies even though I am still going through treatment?  All our therapies are designed specifically for people living with cancer.  All therapists have received specialist training on providing complementary therapies to those living with cancer.  Notification will be sent to your GP informing them of your request for therapies. 


  • Do I register for a class?  YES, this is a requirement for us to ensure your place and for us to be able to contact you if at any time the class or event is changed or cancelled.  You can do this by telephoning the office at any time.


  • Do I need to book an appointment for counselling or complementary therapies?  YES, this is important as these are run on specific days and times. We will also ring you before hand to remind you about your appointments. We also request that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment.  Cancer Lifeline is charged for cancellations that do not give 48 hours notice.


  • Can I come to the centre at any time?  YES, Cancer Lifeline has an open door policy. You can call in at any time to find out more about us or to arrange to speak to someone.