Feel Good Factor Workshops

Feel Good Factor Workshops

Cancer Treatments and side effects can affect the way you look.  This programme offers one to one make-up, skin, nail and hair care appointments.  
These sessions are for males and females to help enhance their appearance and self-image during a difficult and challenging time.
Please note if you are having your hair trimmed, wash your hair before you leave home, and if you plan to have a make-up treatment, come with no make-up on!
(Feel free to also bring your own make-up or you can use the make-up artists materials).
Please note the Sessions commence at 9.30am with a light breakfast
time for a yarn and a catch up.
  • Wed 6th Nov 2019    (MALES

  • Wed 4th Dec 2019    (FEMALES)

  • Wed 8th Jan 2020    (CARERS)

  • Wed 5th Feb 2020   (MALES & FEMALES 

  • Wed 4th Mar 2020  (MALES

Time: 10.00am - 12.00pm

Venue: Cancer Lifeline