You can help Cancer Lifeline fundraise....

At our ‘home from home’ centre, Cancer Lifeline reaches out to those affected by cancer and their families through a varied programme of support and information services.  The unique focus of Cancer Lifeline is that it is managed by local people, all of whom are living with cancer.  Hence when people come for support they have the opportunity to meet and talk to others who have been through the same experience.

Cancer Lifeline relies on vital fundraising contributions from volunteers who give up their time to raise money for the organisation.  This helps us to continue to provide vital support services such as counselling, complementary therapies etc.  For this we are extremely grateful.  Your kind donations can make someone’s cancer journey easier.

There are various ways you can help raise funds.  These can include:

  • Organising a fundraising event
  • Taking a collection box
  • Donating items to the shop 
  • Organising a clothing / furniture drive in your street / community 
  • Donating online via

In order to assist you we ask the event organiser to come in for a chat to discuss their fundraising ideas.